Building strong brand reputations and increasing brand value is what we do.


Your organization’s reputation is the thin line that separates your brand from success and failure. Our clients trust us to deliver transformative internal and external outcomes through a unique combination of research-based consulting, organizational development and award-winning marketing & creative services.  


Challenges We Solve

Create Cultures of Excellence

Service organizations rely heavily on employees to represent their brands. Creating internal cultures aligned with the vision, mission and purpose of your organization helps garner marketplace trust that solidifies a lasting brand reputation. Let us help your team become brand ambassadors that cultivate customer loyalty.

Tell Your Story, Powerfully

There's design and then there's design with meaning. Substance, even. Our nationally award-winning marketing & creative services team specializes in telling powerful stories and delivering meaningful messages. We produce logos, brand identity packages, print collateral, brand videos, television and radio commercials and online/interactive media strategies. All with substance and flare. 

Improve Market Share

The business landscape is rapidly changing and shifting at light speed. Our strategic marketing and public relations capabilities help manage your organization’s brand position across numerous audiences and communication channels. Transform "business as usual" to "business as it can be."

Identify Growth Opportunities

Visionary leaders are looking for new ideas that will propel their organizations to the next level with long-lasting impact. Strategic branding initiatives catalyze growth opportunities that sustain the longevity and vitality of your brand

Services We Offer

  • Brand Identity & Vision

    • Brand Identity Consulting
    • Brand Strategy Planning
    • Identity Assessments
    • Brand Standards Development
    • Brand Identity Platform Facilitations
    • Vision-Identity Gap Analysis
  • Brand Image

    • Visual Identity & Design
    • Brand Marketing Plan
    • Non-Traditional Advertising
    • Traditional Advertising
    • Brand Video
    • Creative Concepting
    • Perception & Reputation Management
    • Creative Dialogue Facilitations
  • Brand Culture

    • Brand Ambassador Training
    • Employee Retention Programs
    • Customer Retention Programs
    • Sustainability Assessment
    • Performance Process Improvement
    • Sustainability Consulting
    • Customer Service Initiatives
    • Organization Development
    • Employee Engagement Facilitations
    • Innovation Dialogue
    • Change Initiatives
    • Systems Implementation

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare

    Today, healthcare providers are grappling with an increasingly complex and ever-changing environment. These challenges range from the pressures of serving an aging and growing population and changes in reimbursement schedules to regulatory requirements that affect providers and payers alike. 


    We work with entreprenuerial thinkers to find innovative solutions and opportunities that keep them ahead of their competition.


  • Higher Education

    The success of an institution of higher learning is based almost exclusively on public perception and reputation. Educational institutions are no stranger to the power of branding, but often struggle with ways to influence marketplace perceptions and manage their brand reputations. 


    We work with presidents of universities and management teams to overcome challenges associated with disengaged communities, organizational silos and loss of strategic direction. Our facilitated dialogue sessions increase stakeholder engagement, resulting in greater alumni and donor participation, increased student and faculty retention and improved recruitment.


  • Businesses We Value

    We work with leaders who have a passion to move their organizations from good to great. Good businesses are profitable because they bring value to their customers. Great businesses are more profitable because they create greater value by embedding social and environmental responsibility into their cultures.


    We work with clients, who like us, whole-heartedly believe in the power of business to change the world and shift paradigms through dialogue. These conscientious and entrepreneurial business leaders are paving the way for innovative and creative solutions that address global challenges.   

idgroup creates strong brand reputations by aligning identity, perception and performance. We call it Branding from the CoreĀ®.

Our Location

  • Pensacola

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